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VR Driving


These are some of the more notable projects our company has done over the years

Touch Screen Cockpit


Cave Touchscreen Cockpit

A 3 walled projection airline cockpit for next generation pilot training research. Using an open source simulation software as a black box, aircraft flight performance data and response is then routed to a front end unity application. To recreate an interactive cockpit console, we used multiple touch screen monitor arranged to resemble the typical commercial airline cockpit. This makes changing of aircraft type much easier as there is no physical knob and switches to be manufactured. Able to capture multiple user's touch input and store each session in a database server for in-depth review later.


Digital Twin - Deep Ocean Simulation

A development of an interactive 3D scene of the Deep Ocean Basin (DOB) using a game engine to visualize, interact and facilitate the study of the interaction between fluids and structure. For the study of waves breaking on a structure, simulations are conducted on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Output of these simulations are written into a flat file and read in by the application and loaded into the game engine to render the waves and breaking effect on the solid structure based on the contents of the flat file. The User would then use the 3D world to visualize and interact with the data. Potentially multiple flat file could be loaded and toggled on or off to allow different simulations to be studied.

Water Simulation
HLM Interact


Vessel Safety Training

Vessel interior inspection safety training. To educate users via an interactive tutorial application, what are the safety precautions to take note of when working in enclosed space like a vessel hull interior. How to safely operate basic equipment that are crucial to the work taking place in these location


Digital Twin - Land Settlement Simulation

To create a digital twin for observing and predicting changes that will happen on the land below the port over a simulated 60 year time frame. These prediction will then be compared to the ground assessment every month to validate the simulation. If any inaccuracy is detected, the simulation can be re-run to calculated base on the trend data available on the ground.

Land Settlement Simulation


BIM AR Checker

Goal of the project is to allow compliance check officers to be able to scan the building. To be able to quickly do an initial AR measurement of the essential building checking clause. Any item that is flag red can be then further investigated. Compared to the traditional tape measure method of all the specs. This software also create a list of items checked and also the result of the checking in a report.


Part Task Trainer & Simulator

Having an actual aerobridge taken offline for training can cost a lot and only train a handful of trainee can be trained for each session. We were engage to create a simulator to provide training of potential candidate to reach a competent level while reducing the use of actual aerobridges. Building an exact aerobridge control panel, we utilize VR to recreate the exterior environment. This gives the trainee almost close to real world experience. Using only a footprint of approximately 2mx2m area, multiple training sets can be deploy in a small room. When projected onto a screen, waiting trainees can observe and learn from previous lessons.

NEA training


Enforcement Officer Training

The project was commissioned to create a training application for new or existing agency officer on the steps to be taken for various operation that the agency has under its jurisdiction. Spanning across different environment, tackling different operation complexity with backend user data tracking to monitor performance. This training application has been used by all NEA region office.


Drydock Block Placement

Improving the process of drafting the drydock block arrangement plan for incoming vessel. Every block on the plan must be measured and drawn manually. The digitize method make used of various digitized tools to duplicating block placement with varied spacing along the hull of the vessel and symmetry to mirror the same plan across both side of the vessel plan. The app also allow saving and editing at a later stage if there is a need for it. The new approach reduce drafting time from 2 hours to 15 min per plan.

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